Last weekend, just about the most delightful beach party you've ever seen went down at the brand new Sretsis Mermaid Bar and Shop at Seenspace, Hua Hin. Guests such as Chalisa Viravan, Saisuree Mesiri and Mansiri Tamsakul came to congratulate and party with the Sretsis sisters -  Klyduan, Pimdao and Mantina Sukhahuta - in "Aloha Mermaid" fashion.  If you weren't really half-human, half-fish, it was alright because sparkly (unisex) mer-tails were provided for guys and gals who wanted the full Little Mermaid experience in the infinity pool. And the fun didn't end there. Along with craft workshops, molam-fused beach music, refreshing tropical cocktails and, of course, adorable Sretsis clothes everywhere, the Sukhahuta sisters really threw a good time for their friends and fans.

Take a look through this one-of-a-kind photo album to see who else attended the fun-filled beach party. All photos are film.  

Covered by: Mika Apichatsakol