Dr Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan, marketing and public relations director of Sette Peccati Ltd, collaborated with The St Regis Hotel Bangkok to present the exciting new ‘Qeelin Afternoon Tea’—a special tea set that expresses the unique elegance of French designer jewellery brand Qeelin. The launch of the new tea set provided a spectacular unveil for the brand’s latest couture collection, which was released at the St Regis Bar in The St Regis Hotel Bangkok. A-listers such as Onchuma Durongdej, Melanie Yoovidhya and Patcharapimol Youngprapakorn gathered for an afternoon of high tea, which provided an interesting and innovative way to celebrate jewelry. As guests mingled amongst tea and jewellery, they exchanged personal tips and tricks, from how they pick their favourite jewellery pieces and tmix and match them with their outfits to their favourite afternoon tea venues.

The Qeelin Afternoon Tea set can be enjoyed by the public at The St Regis Hotel Bangkok, from 2:30-5pm,  today until June 31. For those who interested in shopping the latest collection, visit the Sette Peccati Boutique at Siam Paragon’s M floor.

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul