Thailand’s current leading purveyor of holistic wellness and beauty, Panpuri, officially launched Panpuri Wellness in Gaysorn Tower. Celebrating the grand opening of this oasis of relaxation and beauty, The Panpuri Wellness Open House event was held, gathering members of the media as well as special guests of the brand such as Nitra Kitiyakara, Ou Nopadon Baholyodhin and Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh to experience the new luxe services firsthand. The Panpuri Wellness Open House event also featured a spectacular art installation created by New York-based Thai artist Kantapon Metheekul. Titled Teleport, the sculpture shows a man and woman submerged into a mirror frame, representing them as health-conscious individuals immersed into the onsen’s healing waters.

Panpuri Wellness is designed to offer a 360-degree experience that enriches both mind and body, through programmes tailored to the needs of Bangkok’s busy urbanites. Exclusive offers at Gaysorn's Panpuri Wellness include The Seven Wonders of Panpuri Wellness—a range of organic spa treatments, Japanese onsen services and wellness studios and suites with front-row views of Bangkok’s cityscape. A wellness bar also serves organic food and beverages for guests to refresh and replenish. 

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul