CentralWorld recently unveiled the new Hive Salon Life, a salon for self-care lovers, with a majestic red carpet event. Launched by acclaimed hairstylist Gong Grit Jirakiertvadhana, the space is designed to be the ultimate beauty hub offering full-body services from head to toe for both men and women. In attendance at the grand opening were society’s most stylish and kempt, such as Chulita AreepipatkulVatanika Patamasingha Na AyudhyaPiyarat KaljaruekNalinee Worawongwasu, and Jitradee Poolvoralaks. The event also saw a spectacular fashion show featuring exclusive collections from four international brands: 87 MM Seoul, Mihara Yasuhiro, Tex Saverio and Tohns.

Hive Salon Life is located on CentralWorld’s first floor and incorporates a 'Café Zone' along with the 'Beauty Bar Zone', featuring lead makeup brands. Stay up to date with the luxury services of the Hive salon on their offical Facebook Page and Instagram.

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul