January 25 saw Bangkok’s top belles and beauty enthusiasts gather at Gaysorn Tower’s 19th floor to celebrate the unveiling of Gaysorn Urban Retreat and catch up on beauty trends of the coming year. Featuring 13 top brands in the wellness and beauty scene, such as Erb Bliss Room, Panpuri Wellness and Thann & Thann Sanctuary, the space is expected to become Bangkok’s top hub for beauty and lifestyle—fitting, as it's located right in the heart of bustling Ratchaprasong area. Celebs such as Sirisopa Chulasewok, Krongkarn Chomanan and Karatphet Issara were seen at the event, enjoying exclusive demos of unique and innovative beauty products by the select brands. 

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul