Thailand Tatler proudly hosted the launch of our inaugural edition of Generation T at the Park Hyatt Bangkok. Photo stations, light snacks and refreshments and an adorably flirty one-metre tall robot waited in the foyer on the ground floor to entertain guests before the main programme in the ballroom. The highlights of the night include addresses by the chairman of Thailand Tatler, Nigel Oakins, and the head of Generation T Asia, Tamara Lamunière; a talk show, in which our digital editor Mika Apichatsakol chatted on stage with two of this year’s Generation T honorees—Timo Trunk and AP Thailand's Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng and Hubba’s Amarit Charoenphan—and, of course, the grand unveiling of the 50 names on this year’s list.

The celebration was attended by an ideal combination of representatives of the Generation T 2017 cast, such as Chanyaporn Thongthai, Pipat Apiruktanakorn and Akapol Sudsana; members of the Tatler Tribe which chose these industry leaders; VIPs and shining celebrities we can never get tired of seeing at our parties, such as Natalie Glebova and Krissada Sukosol Clapp. After the main entertainment, guests mingled in the violet-tinted ballroom of the hotel while DJ Ben Sorrawat Suviporn took to the deck all the way until midnight.

Covered by: Mika Apichatsakol and Sinsiri Tiwutanond