Thailand’s leading jeweller Beauty Gems hosted a spectacular event to unveil to the public for the first time, the exquisite Cosmos Egg—a priceless treasure created exclusively for the country’s VIPs. The event also served as an official opening to Beauty Gem’s ‘Diamond in the Wonderland Secret Garden’ exhibition, a jewellery showcase aimed at preseing the creative advancement of the Thai fine jewellery industry, which will span 23 days. For the exhibition, Central Chidlom's Event Hall was transformed into an enchanting wonderland featuring classic fairytale mementos such as magic mirrors, genie lamps and card decks, all presented on chessboard flooring for a truly magical experience. Gathered at the official opening to marvel at Beauty Gem’s invaluable jewels were top personalities and renowned celebrities such as Pornsit Sriorathaikul, Khunying Kingkaew Uathavikul and Jarin Sumanont.

You can now enjoy the enchanting experience first-hand at Central Chidlom from today until May 27. 

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul