Dhurakij Pundit University celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this month with the launch of a short-term education workshop called Expert on China, which aims to reveal new concepts and strategies on running successful business projects with Chinese prospects. The dazzling Lunar New Year-themed event was hosted by the university’s president Dr Darika Lathapipat and saw attendees of both business gurus well-versed in the Chinese market and prominent society figures, such as Pavenelak Limpichart, Karin Stayu and Virakarn Seneetantikul, who either have insight or high interest in related business topics. 

Applications for this special course is open until February 28, 2018. Apply at the official website or call 06-5594-9955 for more information.

Covered by: Mary Losmithgul & Mika Apichatsakol