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While the previous generation Panamera certainly ticked the boxes in terms of performance, as described by my colleague in his review of it, I could personally never move beyond its looks – the bulky car unfortunately bore too much of resemblance to a station wagon.

But lo and behold, with a little bit of refinement and a greater affinity for sharp angles over rounded edges – the sports car/luxury saloon is finally sexy.

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The newfound attractiveness comes from the lowering of the rear roofline by 20mm and while that may not sound like much, the difference is notable:

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The angles aren't the only improvement, the new LED lights also give it a sharp finish, but not nearly as sharp as the three pieced retractable spoiler that rounds up the cars Back to the Future credentials.

Porsche haven’t just put in the work to firm up the Panamera’s derriere, the new model is sleek all over with a slightly longer front end and a slightly wider body, although it still looks slimmer that its predecessor.

The front end is redesigned to look more aggressive with A-shaped air vents and a crossbar across the grille complemented by Porsche’s four-point LED daytime running lights.

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Under the hood the two variations come with redesigned V6 and V8 biturbo engines that power all-wheel drive systems and an eight-speed dual-clutch system. The Panamera lives up to Porsche’s ethos of being a sports car first delivering higher outputs with better savings from their new systems.

Finally, the interior has also been updated with all the toys you come to expect from a modern day luxury vehicle, and in the case of the massage chairs, going beyond what you expect.

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