Movie star looks coupled with a regular-guy demeanour. What’s not to like about our cover star? ML Kathathong Thongyai walks unassumingly through the door of the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, refusing (politely) to be helped with his suit bag. Our interviewee might have the title of an aristocrat but his demeanour is utterly down to earth. His manners are impeccable, though—he’s uncomfortable at the thought of stepping into the lift before the ladies and he holds the door open for our team. After a brief styling  session, ML Kathathong is set for the shoot. The weather is sweltering outside and there isn’t enough natural light within, but our model’s good mood and playful commentary keep the atmosphere light-hearted. While he poses and turns on his charming smile for the camera, our team gathers adoringly around the photographer’s laptop, arguing over which film star he most resembles. He regales us with his stories and bewitches us with his dreams, his ambitions and himself. At one point we notice he writes with his left hand, suggesting he uses the right side of his brain. He’s definitely the right person for the cover of our men’s issue. ML-Kathathong-Thongyai-015