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Looking for a new spot for your evening plans? The House on Sathorn will be offering evenings of live entertainment at The Courtyard, from now until the end of April next year. Taking place every Wednesday to Saturday night, 7-11pm, performances range from the classics to soul and R&B and even some upbeat jazz favourites, from names like Lips Manly led by Will Corbin, Australian soul and R&B vocalist Gavin Adrian Koch (GAK), Butterfingers and Lookkaew & Band.

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Wednesday: classics performed by Lips Manly

THU_Gavin Adrian Koch (G.A.K).jpg

Thursday: soul & R&B performances by Gavin Adrian Koch (GAK)


Friday: acoustic performances by Butterfingers

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Friday: jazz performances by Lookkaew & Band

To find out more or book your seats, call 0-2344-4025 or email You can also log on to or follow the official Facebook page for event updates.