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Photo submissions from Reddit thread "Accidental Wes Anderson"

The Wes Anderson aesthetic is quite a pop culture phenomenon. Anyone who’s seen the American director’s films knows what is it and can subsequently identify it when they accidentally come across IRL - in real life, if you will. So combined with the other contemporary phenomenon known as Reddit, an online platform that allows users to realise they aren’t the only one who sees things a certain way, comes a sweet love child of crowdsourced photography of delicious pantones and symmetry known as “Accidental Wes Anderson”. 

Accidental Wes Anderson is the Reddit thread of the moment, aggregating submissions of the signature aesthetic as seen in architecture, interiors, items -  basically anything that you could possibly spot in a supposed Wes Andy film. There are even some from Bangkok. We’re loving the feed just as much as everyone. Here are a few of our favourites. 

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