In January, we asked you to submit your vote and explanation for your favourite photograph taken during the filming of Thailand Tatler Heroes' first episode with celebrities Kit Bencharongkul, Pimdao Panichsamai, Cherry Khemupsorn, and Dr Patarapol Maneeorn. While we were very impressed with the answers in our inbox, we could only pick 3 winners. These were the people that our team felt truly captured the essence of the photographs and our episode’s mission.

Top Winner: Pathamolkarn  Neramittakkaphong

Prize: Signed original print from Doctor Lot Patarpol Maneeorn
Peaceful by Doctor Lot Patarapol Maneeorn
"The photograph truly reflects the pensive nature of the gentle giant. It is also symbolic of nature's ability to relieve the pain of one's life just like how the river washes the elephant clean. It makes you feel at peace, especially since these old elephants are nearing the end stage of their lives."

First Runner-Up: Pa-kwan  Promsri  

20161230161118-20160928134017-bondwithnobond_resized_640x428-1_resized_640x428 (1).jpg

Prize: Voucher for 2-night stay at The Felix River Kwai Resort 
Bond With No Bond by Cherry Khemupsorn Sirisukha
"It shows the intrinsinc bond between Tory, the mahout, and the elephant Beau without any need for physical contact. It's even more touching, since Beau passed away after the photograph was taken. But, this clearly shows that the bond between Beau and Tory will live on forever, not only in Tory's heart but also in her elephant-loving spirit. "

Second Runner-Up: Utaiwan Chuasaidit

20161230161453-20160928133119-mutmee328544x36329_resized_544x363-1_resized_544x363 (1).jpg

Prize: Voucher for 1-night at The Felix River Kwai Resort 
Better Together Than Apart by Mutmee Pimdao Panichsamai
"I think the photograph demonstrate another meaning for the word "couple". It's not just about two elephants, but one can be together with nature. These elephants are most powerful, at peace, and happiest when they are around their own. They complete each other."

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