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For the sixth time, Singapore is hosting the highly-anticipated ‘i Light Marina Bay 2018’, a  sustainable light art festival featuring brilliant eco-friendly installations by artists from all across the globe. This year’s event boasts 22 installations by artists from 14 different countries, including Thailand. Living Spirits, a Thai-based group of lighting creatives are set to debut their light installation ‘Chandelier of Spirits’ around Singapore’s Marina Bay Waterfront as part of the event.

Planning to see i Light Marina Bay this year? Here's what you should know about the event and the installation from Thai creatives. 

‘Chandelier of Spirits’

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It's a striking display of over 1,400 cold-brew coffee bottles, suspended from a large structure in to resemble a chandelier. The bottles light up after sunset in a spectacular display.

Why Coffee Bottles?

ขวดกาแฟ Cold Brew จำนวน 1400 ขวด ก่อเกิดเป็นผลงานสุดสร้างสรรค์.JPG

Chandelier of Spirits uses coffee bottles to reflect the hardworking and can-do attitude of the Singaporean workforce. With all the bottles suspended in one stunning exhibition, the piece also symbolizes a gathering of Singaporean workforces, many of whom might be in different industries but can bond over something as simple as a shared love for coffee. The installation brings light to the city past sunset, reminiscent to the way coffee lights up our energies during the day in a rather poetic analogy.

Who’s Behind This?

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Founded by Sasis Suwonpakprak, Living Spirits is a group of interactive art creatives based in Thailand. A combination of technology and art, their work invites audiences to actively engage with it in order to complete the art’s message. While their work is mostly inspired by social issues, due to the interactive nature of the art, their projects are deeply personal and open to individual interpretation.

What Else Is There To See?

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Plenty. Apart from Thailand, i Light Marina Bay 2018 is featuring works by artists from Singapore, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Spain, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, France, The Netherlands and Italy. Keep a look-out for other note-worthy installations, such as ‘Transistable Plastic’ by Spanish-based Luzinterruptus—a massive installation made out of panels encased with plastic waste to remind us of how much waste we produce in our everyday lives. Singaporean artist BP Loh’s ‘Milk Bottle Cows’ is also one to eye, featuring an installation of life-sized cows made out of over 2,000 plastic milk bottles.

Visit i Light Marina Bay 2018 around the Marine Bay waterfront and Esplanade Park from today until April 1. Entry is free and installations can be admired from 7:30-11pm or until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, visit

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