A Jewelz & Sparks show

Julius Voigtlaender and Gregor Brechmann make up the highly popular German EDM duo known as Jewelz & Sparks. Joining forces in 2011 as active DJs and producers, three years later their fame as a pair really took off when they produced Canadian singer Quilla's progressive house single Unless We Forget. Now Jewelz & Sparks are standard headliners in the electronic music scene across Europe and also like touring the rest of the world, not to mention Southeast Asia. As they were recently in Thailand, we discovered that the duo had more reasons other than dance music for being here, one of which happens to be a cause Thailand Tatler holds dear to our hearts as well. 

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German EDM duo Jewelz & Sparks

What brings you to Thailand this time and how often do you come here?
We’ve had many stops in Thailand as we have been touring Southeast Asia a lot in recent years. Mostly we play club shows, plus a few big festivals like Chiang Mai's "North Fest" or huge Songkran parties in Bangkok. We love the people and the atmosphere of the country. This time, in addition to our show, we are enjoying some days off and the nice weather of Thailand.

You also went up to Lampang this time to meet a special three-legged elephant named Mosha. Tell us about her. 
Greg actually first met Mosha last year and this was my first time meeting an elephant in person. Feeding and even touching her was an overwhelming experience. The energy coming from this beautiful animal is just crazy. She loves bananas and so do we—it’s our number one travel food. After meeting Mosha and learning about her story, we knew we had to do something to help with the protection of elephants.


Greg (Sparks) and Mosha, the three-legged Thai elephant

So Mosha, as you know, is the reason behind a global movement known as the Elephant Parade, where various countries gather up local artists to design elephant statues and figurines to be displayed in public places and to raise funds towards elephant preservation. When did you first learn of the Elephant Parade and what do you think about its concept as an art-driven charity for elephants? 

We first learned about Elephant Parade when we traveled around Chiang Mai. You can see the statues everywhere. They just look so cool, and we love their design. Very artistic and so creative. 


Greg and a Mosha figurine

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So you've decided to join the Parade! What can you tell us about the elephant statue you will design? 
We've always loved the mint colour, so we will be combining this colour with our own trademark design on our elephant. Our logo is shaped similar to a diamond and you will find this theme throughout the sculpture. Other symbols celebrate music culture, dazzles and sparkles. And, of course, a resounding shared love by us and elephants for bananas!


Jewelz & Sparks with their originally designed elephant figurine


Greg with a large elephant sculpture designed by the duo

Why is it important to raise awareness for elephants and wildlife issues?
We want to protect them from suffering and basically extinction at all costs. We want to use our brand as a platform to raise awareness for the responsibility we all have as humans to care for and cherish these beautiful animals. And we would also like to encourage everybody to meet an elephant yourself. You are going to feel an unimaginable emotional bond!

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Where are you off to next? Any exciting other projects you’re working on?
Oh, there is so much new music coming and even more still in the making. We are working closely with other electronic DJs like Afrojack and Hardwell (who also designed a beautiful elephant statue too, BTW.) We also just released our new single One More Day, which is going great. We are very grateful and happy that our vision and our music is out there to be heard all around the world.

And final question, tell us why bananas are great.
They're just so convenient and nutritious! All natural, all wrapped up and easy to transport. It gives you energy and, to be honest, we just love the taste! Haha.

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Jewelz & Sparks and their favourite snack

Listen to Jewelz & Sparks on their SoundCloud and visit elephantparade.com to learn more about the movement. 

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