Photo: Courtesy of Objectifs

Objectifs has launched a new photography award aimed at supporting non-fiction visual storytelling in Southeast Asia. Called the Objectifs Documentary Award, it aims to encourage photographers or artists working in photography in the region to develop work that addresses social issues within their native communities.

Founded in 2003, Objectifs has nurtured the growth of numerous Singaporean and Southeast Asian photographers and artists through its mentorship programmes and exhibitions. The Award is a further extension of its efforts to support and promote purposeful visual storytelling.


Sim Chi Yin, documentary photographer (Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Ellison-Scowcroft)

“We hope to encourage work that will add to the depth and breadth of global dialogue on critical issues, which is especially necessary in Southeast Asia,” says Emmeline Yong, centre director for Objectifs. “As one of the leading visual arts centres in Southeast Asia, we feel well-positioned to offer deeper support to photographers by championing their work.”


Emmeline Yong (Photo: Courtesy ofObjectifs)

The Award will give professional and financial support to two photographers in over a period of six months. Professional photographers with more than five years of experience can enter the Open Category, which will come with SGD3,500 and a chance to work with Sam I-Shan, curator at the National Gallery of Singapore. Applicants with less than five years of photography experience can enter the Emerging category, which will come with SGD2,000 and a mentorship with Sim Chi Yin, whose many achievements include being commissioned as the Nobel Peace Prize photographer in 2017. The resulting work will be showcased in an exhibition in March/April 2019 as part of Objectifs’ documentary programme, Stories That Matter.

Applications are now open for the Award. Full details, can be found here

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