Royal Selangor continues its Star Wars collection, now in its 4th run, celebrating 40 years of Star Wars this May the 4th -- And you thought 4 was an unlucky number!

This year’s collection comes with a special variation from the largest pewter maker in the world – a gold plated Millennium Falcon.

millennium-falcon_gold.jpg (original size)

Han Solo may have loved his, pre-Death Star II (Star Wars fans, you know what to look out for) rust-bucket just the way it was, but Royal Selangor’s limited edition Falcon is meticulously crafted, maintaining every detail but with a special Midas touch. It even comes with retractable landing gear!

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Also in the collection this year are limited edition gold-plated tokens of the Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (aka the only family in the galaxy you care about), the Imperial Tie Fighter and Luke ‘we-dare-say-The-Last-Jedi’ Skywalker’s lightsaber that doubles as a document holder. An all pewter Millenium Falcon is also part of the collection.

Lightsaber.jpg (original size)

6006_2.jpg (original size)

6006_4.jpg (original size)

Tie-Fighter.jpg (original size)

7934_1.jpg (original size)

7934_2.jpg (original size)

millennium-falcon_02.jpg (original size)

7933_3.jpg (original size)

7933_4.jpg (original size)

millennium-falcon_gold_02.jpg (original size)

falcon05.jpg (original size)

falcon03.jpg (original size)

The gold-plated Millennium Falcon is on sale now, and is available here while stocks last. The rest of the collection can be viewed at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealers and online at

Find out how Royal Selangor became the largest pewter maker in the world.

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