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"Leave Far Away" (2017) by Zhao Yan 

From July 27 to September 13, Nova Contemporary presents the ultimate artistic stretch of the human psyche with the exhibition "Leave Far Away" by Chinese artist Zhao Yang.

Through this series of paintings, Nova Contemporary aims to serve positive cross-cultural exchange between Thailand and China. In “Leave Far Away”, the Chinese contemporary painter finds a point of convergence between dreams and reality. Zhao's paintings surpass modern-day rudimentary ideas, sacrificing control to embrace psychological fears and desires.

Channeling his experience as a book publisher and illustrator, as well as mythologies learned from his childhood in Jilin, Zhao Yang has a unique perspective of traditional Chinese painting techniques infused with Western audaciousness. Reject social roles and constructs, Yang’s paintings serve as an allegory to those who are marginalised due to their non-conformity. By combining history and modernity, the works call on us to return to a primal state devoid of the modern convictions of reality.


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"Good Life begins from now on" (2017)


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"Scavenger" (2017)


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"Black Swan" (2017)


A pieced titled "Good Life begins from now on" marks the transition from reality to fantasy. Unidentified figures overlook three suns shining on the water’s surface, a house lies directly on the water defying the laws of science, and the sea blends from past to future with hope. Meanwhile, "Scavenger" depicts the initial simplicity of life when the exploration of uncharted lands and in "Black Swan", Yang shows that there tends to be more than meets the eye with the image of a skater whose facial and bodily features appear distorted upon further inspection. 

This is just a taste of what's in store in "Leave Far Away". See  Zhao Yang's works for yourself from July 27 until September 13. Nova Contemporary is open 11am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Visit novacontemporary.com for more information. 

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