copy.jpgInstagram is easily the hottest social medium around. Everyone from celebrities and bloggers to artists and everyday people can’t seem to get enough of the trendy app. When Instagram was first released in 2010, the preset filters revolutionised smartphone photography on social media. Since then, many Insta-pros have downloaded other applications to transform their smartphone photos into Instagram magic. Looking to up your Insta-game? Here are the  top eight photo-editing apps for creating the perfect social media platform.


If there’s one photo editing app that everyone needs to download to their smartphones, it’s VSCO. Pronounced, vi-sco, this app is the end-all cure-all of photo-editing applications. VSCO is a free app that allows you to choose from a multitude of different features, ranging from exposure and contrast to white balance and saturation. On top of that, VSCO features a collection of preloaded filters that can be adjusted. On VSCO, users can also post pictures to create a profile that photographers and friends alike can follow, like and share.


Snapseed also includes a long list of editing features like brightness and contrast, cropping and sharpness. However, it actually includes more advanced special effects, such as blurring, selective editing, healing, and it even allows users to save and reuse specific filters. This is a great application to use if you need to remove specific objects from your photos, and Snapseed's grainy film filter sets for making your photos look analogue are quite the hot ticket. 


Afterlight is a must-download for artsier Instagrammers looking to add some more life to their layouts. While Afterlight features similar tools to Snapseed and VSCO for basic enhancement, this app also includes more advanced tools such light and color overlays, layers for text and artwork and blend modes, to name a few. With Afterlight, you can change the mood of your photos with the tap of a finger.


Since it dropped in September of 2017, HUJI cam has become an international phenomenon in the Insta world. Its popularity arose when photography lovers discovered that authentic looking disposable camera photos could be captured through the HUJI app on any smartphone. The result is a retro spur-of-the-moment photo reminiscent of simpler times without social media. Perfect for those candid shots, HUJI incorporates a customised filter, accompanied by a pop of light and a date stamp in the right-hand corner.


FaceTune is the app that no one will admit they have, but it sure can do wonders for a photo. This app allows its owners to blur any blemish on the face or body, apply makeup and virtually give ourselves a makeover. While many Instagrammers may opt for the natural look, this app is for those who want to portray a perfect version of themselves on Instagram and nothing less.


While other apps may have adapted this technique already, RetroMatic remains the easiest and most effective app to remove objects from photos. Ever have the perfect selfie with a beautiful background and that one person in the background seems to be ruining the entire shot? Download RetroMatic for a quick fix to recover any photo.


For an app that basically does everything for your photos, from taking them to editing them, Camera360 is the ultimate assistant for an exciting Instagram account. Linked to over 180 million users globally, Camera360 has over 200 filters as well as multiple professional adjustment tools. 


Visual art Instagram pieces have been trending all over Instagram and if you’re looking to dip your feet into more artistic waters for the Gram, Retromatc is a great place to start. A totally user-friendly application, Retromatic allows users to add retro-style themes, stickers and effects to any photo for added personality.

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