Mindfulness and self-control are two of the most important values in the Buddhist religion and the methodology and message behind artist Narat Klinsudjai’s opening installation at La Lanta Fine Art.

If you’ve heard of this name, you may recognize that Buddhist traditions are a recurring theme in his art, at least so has been the case consistently for the last three years. In particular, Narat cites mindfulness as the key to overcoming major obstacles in his life. His latest collection of mixed media pieces, titled Insight, pays homage to his favourite Buddhist lesson with vintage Thai cookwares that have been painted or pierced with images pertinent to Thai culture, ancient and contemporary.

Each piece in Insight is a trifold of Thainess. First you have the “canvas”, which in itself is a cultural object: a pinto (classic Thai lunchbox) or metal pots and trays that were once used in place of today’s electrical rice cookers and Ikea plates. Then you have the imagery transposed onto these nostalgic wares: important cultural figures to characters in our religious folklore. And lastly, there is Buddhist significance in technique, especially for pieces involving a little electrical engineering. Narat painstakingly drilled hundreds of one-millimeter holes into aluminium trays to create images of revered figures. To finish off the presentation, he installed LED lights to shine through the holey  images, in reference to “the light” in Dhamma.

See Narat’s works up close and personally at La Lanta Fine Art from April 29 until May 24.

La Lanta Fine Art, 245/14 soi Sukhumvit 31,

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