This weekend, indulge in the creative world of performing arts with ‘Antigone / Borderline’, a play by Japanese theatre company Shelf. Through a modern adaption of ancient Greek mythology, the play brings to life Antigone, a heartfelt tragedy by Sophocles.

In ancient the Greece, the play tells the story of Antigone, the daughter/ sister of Oedipus, the king of Thebes, a rebellious strong woman fighting against an oppressive power for the a proper cremation for her brothers. With this modern remake, the traditional narrative that deals with civil disobedience, death, fidelity, and more is given a contemporary treatment by director Yasuhito Yano and his team.

As part of the Low Fat Art Fest, the play will be performed in Japanese with both Thai and English subtitles at 4pm and 7pm on March 25 and at 4pm on March 26. Performances take place at Thong Lor Art Space. For more information, visit or call 09-5924-4555.

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