If you stopped by Bangkok Citycity during the last Galleries Night back in February, you’ll probably remember a fantastic group exhibition called "SOS" for Souled Out Studios, a studio backing local and international talents in the street art scene. The works of 10 dynamic street artists are highlighted in this show: Alex Face, AMP, Muebon, Gong, Gus, Beejoir, Mau Mau, Jace, Candice Tripp and Lucas Price. 

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If none of this sounds familiar, this week is your last chance to see the exhibition. And, if you have had the chance to see the show already, here's a reason to revisit: As SOS closes at Bangkok Citycity on Sunday, April 1, this Saturday and Sunday, there will be two closing showcases by two of the exhibiting artists. Here's what's in store:  

"Energy Work" By Lucas Price & Clay Arlington


This Saturday from 6-9pm, Bangkok Citycity will be screening Body Body, a film by Lucas Price. Body Body splices images and footage of healing rituals from all around the world into other footage to an experimental soundtrack created specially by DJs Prison Yoga, Darkle and Akashi Records.

There will be an opportunity to purchase keepsakes from the show during the event.

"Sweet City Artworks" By Rangsit City Village Community (Muebon)






Thirty years ago, Flat Platong (now known as Rangsit City) had a successful branding campaign to attract tourism and investment to the municipality right outside of Bangkok.  Fast-forward to today however, the community has fallen to the shambles it once strived to prevent. The reality of poverty, abandonment and eventually extinction has sparked renown Thai street artist Muebon to open an art centre, "Sweet City" in the middle of the community to give the locals a safe place and some hope. Sweet City is connected to Bangkok Citycity via a live-stream camera, and you'll have the chance to see works produced by locals in Sweet City this Saturday from 1-9pm and this Sunday 1-7pm. 

About Souled Out Studios

Founded 15 years ago by Chris Bowden (AKA Beejoir), Souled Out Studios initially began as a silk screen studio for graffiti artists but quickly escalated to much more. In addition to providing unconventional creatives with a platform to showcase their works to the mainstream public, SOS continues to pair visionaries with the tools and materials that'll bring their ideas to life, be it silk screen, bronze, vinyl, glass, stickers, lithograph—the inventory is infinite. 

About Bangkok Citycity Gallery

Located in Sathorn Soi 1, Bangkok Citycity Gallery was founded in 2015 by Op Sudasna and Supamas Phahulo to provide a place where the local public can come experience and appreciate contemporary imagination relevant to their surroundings. Learn more at bangkokcitycity.com and fb.com/bangkokcitycity

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