"Pomme Chan", Tachamapan Chanchamrassang 

Pomme Chan (Tachamapan Chanchamrassang), founder of What If design shop and cafe, and Happy Pomme Studio, graduated from Silpakorn University with a degree in interior design. As a child she often copied manga drawings and during her bachelor’s degree studies, somewhere along the way, she realised she was actually not that keen on the interior design and so began to take animation and illustration courses, which eventually led to a graphic design and communication diploma from the London College of Communication.

She’s a lively and fun person and her work reflects her dynamic personality. “I don’t think that I have my own style,” she laughs. “When I look back, what I draw now in comparison with what I drew over a decade ago is very different.” Having said that, it is widely acknowledged that Pomme’s work shows much attention to detail with a touch of the eclectic. Over the years her work has been published in numerous magazines and her portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious businesses such as Mercedes-Benz and Marc Jacobs. One of her favourite aspects of her career is seeing clients happy and satisfied with her work.


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She is very hard working and disciplined, which can be seen in the way her work is composed with attention to elaborate patterns and detail. Her inspiration is very much derived from her travels, so she is constantly on the move. Pomme knows all too well the efforts required to succeed. “Having the skill set or being gifted is one thing,” she says, “but it takes much more than that. It takes endurance, perseverance, discipline and an openness to keep learning.” This is something she also tries to instill in her young trainees.

Pomme Chan is also one of our first Generation T listers. Rewatch the teaser she starred in last year with fellow listers Alex Face and Ticketmelon's Panupong Tejapaibul

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