Ploy Chariyaves

(Photographed at Central Embassy)

Though she began her career as a writer and columnist, in recent years Ploy has re-invented herself as a multi-faceted artist-illustrator. She has worked with Asiatides, the French manufacturer of home décor objects, which led to a porcelain collection in 2016 entitled Envol. “As a student I actually studied law at university,” she says. “With regard to art, I always liked to draw but it was my aunt who taught me porcelain painting.”

As if it were meant to be, when she moved to Austria to study tourism management, her landlady gave her drawing lessons almost every day. She describes her style as eclectic with a hint of fauvism and while she is well known today, without a direct background in art and being for the most part self-taught, Ploy admits her artistic journey came with its challenges. “Proportion and perspective, for example, were challenges for me,” she says. “And the different techniques needed to draw on different surfaces.”


Samples of Ploy's drawings

(Photographed at Central Embassy)

“I realised I could make a career out of illustration when people began to show appreciation and interest in my work,” she says. “My very first project came about when a colleague asked me to draw for her column.” What she loves the most about illustrating is the fact that it can evoke different feelings in different people.

Affirming as it has been to work with renowned institutions and publications, it is the various altruistic art projects she has taken part in that have given her the most pride. “I truly loved working on charity projects such as those with Rimowa, Marimekko, Kiehl’s and the Elephant Parade,” she smiles. The idea of being able to raise money for a good cause through her work is something that instills in her a feeling of satisfaction.


Photographed at Central Embassy

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