Thailand’s art scene is flourishing and today the country boasts numerous acclaimed artists. Among them are a handful of illustrators whose sheer talent has enabled them to make a name for themselves locally and internationally. This artsy-crafty business offers an exciting, creative and competitive career path. We speak to five gifted women to get a glimpse into their world of art and illustration.


Hathairat Charoenchaichana

Hathairat Charoenchaichana, more commonly known as Oh, is quite the versatile lady. She is a popular illustrator as well as a musician. Her former role as bass guitarist of popular electro rock band Futon has led to the name Oh Futon, which has stuck with her since her days as a rocker. 

Although her love for drawing blossomed at a very young age, the Silpakorn University graduate’s life is marked with a fluctuating career path. “Before this I was a stylist and a musician but the need to draw never left me,” she says. “The biggest challenge in my life was the decision to change profession. It took me time to pluck up the courage to give up being a stylist and dedicate myself to art. I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from my family.” 


The risk-taking paid off. Over the years, she has honed her artistic skills and created quite a portfolio working with an array of well-known brands, which has entailed illustrations for books, clothes and more, along with collaborations with other artists. There’s a unique playfulness to her work, one that has caught the attention of many. A project that she is particularly proud of is the Fendi baguette anniversary collection for Thailand.

“It came as a shock when I found out that Fendi wanted me to create designs for their baguette collection,” she says. “I felt extremely happy and proud to be recognised for my work.” She has also recently designed the patterns for Wacoal’s lingerie and swimsuit line, a project she really enjoyed.



It’s not every day one gets to combine work with a personal passion and she is grateful for it but above all, she owes it to her family who have always been supportive of her endeavours. Today, even when not working, she often carries sketching materials with her so as to be able to draw when and wherever she wants, be it in a café or on a train gliding across Europe.

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