Following part one, I’m back to tell you which galleries on the Sukhumvit side I’m eyeing for the second night of Galleries’ Night. Happy hopping.

Hof Art


Show: Spray Brush Exhibition
Why see it? 26 artists in the Thai graffiti scene are presenting and many I’m unfamiliar with actually. If this isn’t an opportunity to conveniently catch up on what’s up and who’s who in the scene I don’t know what is.
Galleries' Night Hours: 5pm-midnight

House of Lucie


Show: Pearl Earring By Dasha Matrosova
Why see it? The artist is attempting to extract new meanings about the girl in that one Johannes Vermeer painting we all know. 
GN Hours: 6-11pm

Thong Lor Art Space


Show: Coronets
Why see it? Well-known Thai artist Nakrob Moonmanas, whose modern-meets-tradition collage/illustration works have garnered significant following on Facebook, is bringing his cool style of art into full-scale installation for the first time. There’s also special performance by Sareena Sattapon between 7-11pm for tonight only.
GN Hhours: 1-5pm, 7-11pm

TARS Gallery


Show: Distropical Encounters
Why see it? An interesting concept—the gallery’s foreign residency artists link up with local artists to bridge their understanding and impression of Bangkok for truly intertwined group exhibition.
GN Hours: 6-10pm

Alliance Française de Bangkok

family portraits.jpg

Show: Family Portraits 
Why see it? Accomplished painter Bruno Tanquerel transforms family portraits depicting quintessential life rituals, such as marriage, pressumably to help us not die from boredom.
GN Hours: 7-9pm 

Want to see more options for Galleries’ Night? The best way to get all the info is to download the official Galleries’ Night app, available for IOS and Android, or visit fb.com/galleriesnight.

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